A Layer Player !! featuring The Clothing Rental.

A Layer Player featuring The Clothing Rental |

Hello, lovely people out there! I was really very excited to share this blog post with you all since a few weeks because I’m doing something very different after a long time. Honestly, I have showcased a lot of ways of putting different pieces together for street style outfits so I will be focusing and updating the blog with more posts in suits and blazers from now on.


Moving onto today’s post, I’ll be talking about my recent collaboration with The Clothing Rental in this one. The Clothing Rental is the one-stop destination for renting high Fashion Clothing & Accessories in the Heart of Bombay!


The post-monsoon period has almost arrived but the showers are still hitting the Mumbai city every now and then. Keeping the climate in mind, I created this look where I’m wearing this two-piece tan suit layered with a black trench coat. No one wants to walk to the office wet and cold during the winter and rainy months so I chose this layer over my suit to create a protective yet dashing look. I have kept it simple by pairing the suit with a white shirt and a black sleek tie.


For me,what matters the most while selecting a suit or a blazer is its fit. A well-fitting suit can create a sleek, fresh look which is an alternative to a normal formal look. This two button suit in tan is ideal for a meeting/presentation at the office.



A trench coat is a lightweight waterproof jacket/raincoat which is an ultimate outwear staple. Trench coats are made of heavy-duty cotton and were invented by Burberry and Aquascutum. We also have to consider that great outerwear makes all the difference in your wardrobe so it’s worth picking an awesome all-rounder.


I would recommend you all to start experimenting with various kinds of layers you have but always remember, it might seem simple but wearing the wrong layer can ruin your whole look. So, pick a layer according to your outfit. For e.g., a pea coat or a coat wouldn’t be appropriate for this look because they are not that formal enough to wear with a suit.


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A Layer Player !! featuring The Clothing Rental.
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