Tie a Wooden Bow Tie

Crocodile on my feet

Fox fur on my back

Bowtie ’round my neck

That’s why they call me gangsta mack

In the Cadillac!! Yeah!!!

-Lyrics from Outkast’s “Bow Tie”

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The struggle to write your first blog is immense. Waking up each morning with different ideas sleeping over at midnight with added suggestions led me to postpone most of my major plans to introduce my thoughts to the world. Basically one needs to be either good at writing or good at presenting, assuming I am bad at both I hereby am trying to come up with my first idea to share with all of you. Please feel free to be a part of what I am doing and send your response both as a friend and a critic.

This blog covers the reasons and the seasons how and when to carry a bow tie by both men and women.  Bow ties are a fabulous gift for all occasions. They are a clear personality enhancer. When you wear them it just brings a feeling of pride and a huge smile on everyone’s face. While someone said one who wears a bow tie leads the band. Wearing a bow tie is a style statement. Almost an act of defiance.

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To all men: Once you get tired of them don’t bother. Why? Bow Ties are fantastic and us women can wear it too. It’s simple how to embrace a bow tie which is “with a chic attitude”. Women like us are no longer controlled by the rigid rules of old days and have redesigned, revamped, redefined bow ties to be able to accessorise it for any event.  There are lots of women who rock bowties. I agree that Bowties look more formal on women, but it’s so much fun to make them look casual.

Why wear a Bow Tie

It is very simple, Bow tie have been worn over the ages and the trend doesn’t seem to fade anyway. Lots of Awesome People Wear Bow Ties and they are meant for all great occasions in the world. Bowties are the champagne of neckwear and are enjoyed during good times and celebrations. It’s easy to make a Bow tie and well there’s always one to Match any Outfit so you need not worry about repetitions. They are not supposed to look perfect all the time, which means fewer efforts and more style.

Who is selling my favourite Bow Tie: Duet Luxury (
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Duet Luxury captured the quick fading fashion trend of Bow Tie. The wooden embedded bow with subtle coloured ties are so eyed catchy that one cannot go home empty handed. They have dedicated a great deal of time maintaining their look and taking stock in their collection. With all the options available, there is no reason to hesitate to incorporate a bow into your own style.

Wooden Bow tie by duet is rarest of its kinds and can be matched with any attire and look. While I wore a white peplum top with a dark blue bow tie that went really well with blue denim. One can also replace the same with ripped denims for an even more casual look.

For formal look the Lakme 9 to 5 dark lip shade is matched with beige coloured heels. For an informal look white canvas shoes can be teamed with very light makeup.

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Wear With What


The most common occasion they are worn is in business situations where the level of dress is formal but not so serious as to necessitate a formal suit and tie. Basically to have more fun. Most commonly worn with khakis and a blue blazer with gold buttons, the formality level can easily be upped by wearing a matching suit. Shoes will range from Sperry’s at most casual, up to leather shoes at most formal with nice loafers and suede Oxfords falling in-between

Defuse it

Wear it with similar coloured pullovers or mufflers for the coming winters.

Match it with another vintage accessory, like the handkerchief or suspenders.

For a suits, go with navy, black or grey, and for shirts, stick to blues and whites.

A good alternative is to combine it with a plaid shirt, whose tones must be the same.

Wear a bow tie without the classic jacket, with rolled up shirt sleeves and a used leather jacket.

Favourite for college going teens would be to carry a bow tie with a Shirt, denim and sneakers.


A bowtie is a great option for a work party like a holiday party. Where the dress level is formal but more enjoyable. Female dress ranges from cocktail attire to ‘fun’ business attire (no matching suits-wearing a blazer over a dress or skirt and blouse is fine)

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Try it

Large, floppy ascot bows can be very feminine

Denim shirt with multi coloured or stripped bow

Try a loosely-fitted bow with shorts or a cute skirt.

For a classy look, pair a tiny bow tie with shorts and a blazer

Pair them with wedges, pencils heels to make them look formal

Pairing a coloured bow or single bright shaded bow over a pullover

Pair with a peter pan collar or sailor shirt for an added vintage look

A hat along with a bow will make your evening attire look more interesting

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History tells us why a bow tie has always been, and will always be an essential style statement. Bow tie’s show that I am independent and I respect my work. I’m not trying to fool anyone here but people who dress well deserve well. Everyone can carry a bow tie in their own way styling with different clothes and outshining the crowd.

I loved how well the wooden bow tie gets along with any colour or shirt.

Here is my overall look with the DuetLuxury’s wooden Bow Tie that I am absolutely in love with.

Bow tie is such a small piece of accessory that it’s acceptable for it to get loud with shapes and colours. You wanted to stand out by wearing one, so embrace it.

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