Is being a blue eyed healthy?

How often it is that we think blue eyed people are most attractive? How often have you longed to have born with blue eyes? They are no doubt beautiful but not at all healthy.




So first of all let’s know about blue eyes. Blue eyes is purely a genetic mutation. All human beings are born with brown eyes. According to researchers at University of Copenhagen, one individual around 10,000 years ago had blue eyes because of genetic mutation. This is because of lack of melanin in iris.


Apart from making our eyes brown, melanin also protect our eyes from UV radiations. So, people with blue eyes having nothing in eyes to protect against UV radiations.


Solutions for blue eyed people:
1. Always wear glasses which are 100% UVA, UVB and UVC protection

2. Wear anti reflective coating on lenses.








3. Wear AR coating


















4. While working on computers, always wear protective lenses to shield against high energy blue light.

Is being a blue eyed healthy?
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