Insights on IVO: Face map technology

Have you heard of the face map technology that we have come up with?

If not, you will find out soon.


The scope of innovation in eyewear industry is huge. This struck us few months ago and pushed us to come up with the idea of IVO.

How about going to the optical store and rather than asking the shopkeeper, you ask IVO, “Mirror mirror on the wall, suggest some eyewear out of all”. Sounds interesting?

This is possible using our face map technology. Want to know the trick?

So, the trick is, when you stand in front of IVO mirror, it detects 80 landmark points called Nodal points on your face and makes a face map. Whenever any user enter a defined area, the system clicks an image and shows on the screen with all the detection points making the process transparent to the user.


Based on the nodal points extracted by the system, it suggests user about different frames that will suit his/her face and then you can simply try them on and select one. Simple enough? Interesting?

Insights on IVO: Face map technology
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