Things to keep in mind while choosing an eyewear!

Don’t know how to judge if a frame perfectly fits you or not? Read ahead to have a better understanding.

Apart from selecting the right style of eyewear frame, there are many more steps towards the perfect look. Some of them are as follows:


Slipping and sliding away

This could be because of temples folding less behind the ears, nose pads being loose, or the frame being too tight to slide away from the face.


Unbalanced frame

Unbalanced frames happens when the temples of the frame are not at the same level. This could also happen because your ears are not at the same level.

This misalignment can be easily treated.

Off-centered lenses

This could lead to skewed vision and can cause headaches and discomfort. This happens when lenses are measured incorrectly.


Over or under seized frames

Frames too loose to wear or too tight that they are digging in the skull, both are equally problematic. It’s very important to judge it right.


Things to keep in mind while choosing an eyewear!
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